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This Saturday I’ll be at stickercon 2. I’ll have Exclusive slap packs for sale and the critical hit boxes at a special price!



The 2019 Garden State Invitational

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Synergy Pro Wrestling presents the 2019 Garden State Invitational - a 1-night, 8-man, single elimination tournament featuring the best of professional wrestling. The birth of a tradition. The start of a legacy. Oh, and a WRESTLEPARTY with a cash bar, pre-show game party and more!

All this, plus a Synergy Championship Match, a #1 Contender's Battle Royal, and a Synergy Fab Four Spotlight Match! It all goes down Saturday, July 20, 2019, from the Polish Falcons Camp at 140 Falcon Road, Hillsborough Township, NJ.

criticalhittattoo.com will be there raffling off a $300.00 gift card for Artisanal Tattoo!

click on the image for more details!

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After over 10 years I’m pleased to be working alongside my buddy Frank again, owner of the most excellent Vintage Tattoo.

Email me your ideas, dates, and times through the contact button tab. I’ll be there for 5 days so space is limited DON”T MISS OUT!


The mighty MOLD LORD returns to Zapp Con for a third helping of chaos and destruction!

Along with fellow BUGHOLE members Flyloaf, Spiderhawk, and Ant Trap I’ll be selling all sorts of Critical Hit Tattoo gear, some exclusives, art, and other treasures.

I’ll also be hosting yet another brain shattering GAME SHOW in the panels room SO PREPARE THYSELVES.

Tickets available online at Zapp and keep checking because there will be some badge giveaways in the very near future!

Tickets: https://www.zappcomics.com/


I’ll be tattooing all sorts of killer anime flash along with Elisheba Israel and the One Drop Ink crew. I’ll have dozens of ready to go designs and Critical Hit Tattoo gear for sale as well.

We’re also hosting an Anime Tattoo Contest so moisturize those tats and show em’ off!


Following the con I’ll be doing a guest spot at One drop Ink. If you’re in the area and love nerdy video game, Dungeons & Dragons, cartoons, toys, thrash metal, gangster rap, or comics stop in and get a piece as we discuss all things nerdy.

I’ll also have my Critical Hit Tattoo gear with me so stop in and grab some cool shit too.

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Come out and buy some original crap and some of my old crap

Come out and buy some original crap and some of my old crap

You suckas pumped for another panel hosted by the maniacs at BUGHOLE!!?


Assemble your best arcade tales and get ready for a wild night of raucous storytelling. Do you have a story that took place in an arcade? Witnessed some sick shit go down in the dark recesses of a pizza spot that had a few cabinets? Memories of dumping quarters in a beloved game?  Recall a moment when you first set eyes on a legendary game?

Well, we do. And we want to hear yours.

Crown participation HIGHLY encouraged.

Fun, and prizes, and destruction await.

Let the madness begin.  


Art show kicked ass. much art was sold. many friendships were forged. Many collabs...were collabed. 

i'll upload pics soon.  Huge thank you to the only game in town for hosting our motley crew.



I have an offer for any of my clients attending a convention this year.

If you enter a tattoo that I've done on you in a tattoo contest i will reimburse you for the convention ticket & the contest entrance fee.

It really doesn't matter how old the tattoo is,  or even how big it is as long as there's a category for it.

This is an experiment I've been wanting to try for a while. maybe it will prompt you to get out to a tattoo convention. maybe it will win me a few more awards. 

I'm going to have this deal go on until December 2018 so jump on this fast!

Here's the rules:

take a picture or selfie of you at the convention, preferable before you go onstage. You can email me the pic, or show me at the shop. I'll give you the $$, or take it off a tattoo session or piercing, your choice.

It also doesn't have to be a tattoo convention. if you find yourself anywhere there's a tattoo contest enter that shit, I'll honor too.

I can't be everywhere at once, so this benefits me and you, so get out there!


Are you ready to win some big prizes? Do you have what it takes?

It's time to separate the bugs from the other bugs!






The Kumite:

The tattoo contest was sick, great turnout!

The Kumite was a crowning success. Great turnout, the competitors were amazing and everyone went 1000%.

It was so much fun, and I want to give a HUGE thank you to all who came out, got gooed and glopped up and ate weird gross shit. I want to thank Yestercades, Artisanal Tattoo, and the only game in town, for their incredible prize donations, just know people did some crazy stuff to win them. Thank you to a video game con and their staff for allowing such ridiculous antics and putting up with the screaming and the mess.

I want to thank Ant, Joe, Kelly, Jen, for their help and assistance while i assaulted the crowd, you guys are the best and i couldn't have pulled the Kumite off without you guys.

Here's some pics, enjoy, see you next time.


A: Frank Dux pinata

B:Who's That Pokemon

C&D: Claptrap's Pizza Party. Old ass 7/11 pizza left in hot car for 8 hours covered in fish flakes and grubs!


E: Happy Birthday, Sad Birthday. You really don't want to know what the sad birthday cake was.

F: Master Morgue in tiger mode MC'ing the whole shebang

G: bullshitting while in ghost cosplay.

H: Kreb up and Frag out!


Bring your skateboards and BMX bikes for cool art, good tunes, and cool tricks!!!

Lookout Frederick, I'm returning for my longest stint yet!!

I want to see booties clappin' and asses in the chair getting ink!

You can call Time Bomb now to pre-book appointments before I get down there, or email me with your ideas so we can work on a design and I can book the time.

                           Email: louartisanal@outlook.com


I love tattooing traditional, new school, anything video game related, nerdy shit, pizza tattoos, flowers, black & grey, and select animal portraits.

I'll be taking appointments as well as time for walk ins. I'll be helping out piercing too.

Kreb UP & Frag OUT!