Artisanal Tattoo                  

The shop that I work in and manage. Located in Somerville, NJ, we're smack dab in the middle of the cool downtown area. Come for tattoos and piercings, stay for the rad shopping and great food!



Nerds unite! If there is one festival gamers of all walks of life must attend, it is Magfest. 4 days, 96 hours of non stop gaming, concerts, shopping, panels and events. Epic level bands, chiptunes, video game DJs, and dance parties all day all night. And the gaming...every console is represented, a huge FREE TO PLAY arcade, tabletops, LANs, and everything in between. A must for video game culture lovers.

A Video Game Con

New Jersey finally has it's own video game convention. It's smaller, which means more room to breathe, easier to see panels, no lines for games, and entertainment with some enjoyable elbow room larger cons don't have. A bonus, is there is some late night events of the more mature level which is refreshing. Past cons had cool stuff like Billy Mitchell get a kill screen on Donkey Kong, and stars of the nerd world such as Angry Video Game Nerd and the Cinnemassacre crew, Pat the NES Punk, and Stone Age Gamer give AVGC some heavy credibility. Be sure to check out one of my INTENSE panels while you’re there!



Give thanks to the video game gods everyday for allowing this place to be. A living breathing, fully functioning arcade. Pay by the hour or get an all day pass that allows you to play every arcade and pinball game FOR FREE. They also have every damn home console with a sizable game library, greatmusic, a fun atmosphere, and GOOD F'ING TIMES!! Located in Red Bank, Westfield, and right down the street from Artisanal Tattoo in Somerville.


Silverball Museum

Located in Asbury Park, NJ. This place is incredible. Pay by the hour classic pinball arcade. Right on the boardwalk this place has great pinball games from the 50s to modern games. They have PINBOT, so what else do you need to know? Get down there and start racking up high scores!

Zapp Comics

The best place to get comics in NJ period! I've been going to Zapp for over 20+ years, and to this day they still rock. Zapp Comics has everything; comics, trades, toys, video games, cards, and TONS more. Always changing with the times and securing their spot on top with incredible prices and selection. Check out Zappcomicon, now an annual event, and catch on of my INSANE game show panels there!



Holy shit. A punk rock, heavy metal pizza parlor. Residing in multiple locations in Oregon, the pizza shop of your wildest dreams. Much like the Sasquatch that came over the other night and fucked my shit, it REALLY DOES EXIST. The menu is ridiculous. The merch is jaw dropping. Even the pizza boxes are adorned with sick thrash inspired art. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU.



THE destination for all lovers of video games. Located in Clifton, NJ years ago, this place is stocked, I mean STOCKED with EVERY classic and modern video game console and games. Along with the miles of games, there's gamer music, video game art area, a LAN area, arcade cabinets, and tons of video game related merchandise. Digital Press also has a video game museum that's rotated regularly, competitions, and hosts the NAVA group meetings monthly.

Retro Classics

Located just a few stores down from my lair at Artisanal Tattoo in Somerville, NJ is the hidden gem of the video game collector's world. The store is literally bursting at the seams with everything gamer related-in triplicates. Solid pricing, a knowledgeable friendly staff, (bird up to Paul and Cameron) and a host of weekly tournaments. But beware, I stop in pretty frequently, and enjoy tormenting nerds with screams and the occasional fart blast.   



Located in Lancaster, PA, without a doubt the best place to get tattoo laser removal treatment. The owner Mike is knowledgeable, informed, safe, and completely skilled. I advise anyone who has a tattoo that they regret, want to remove, or lighten to make the cover up process better. I will begin doing consults for cover-ups and work in tandem with Go! Tattoo Removal. Highly recommended.


One stop shop for all Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, dice, board games, card games, miniatures, paints, books, manuals, and TONS more. Located in nerd central Somerville a few blocks from Artisanal Tattoo. My favorite spot, stop by and say what’s up to Mike, Brandon, and the crew at TOGIT!



Brian Posehn's NERD POKER

Whattup NERD? Master of farts and metal comedian Brian Posehn and his crew ARE BACK to play old school tabletop Dungeons & Dragons with hilarious results. Will DM DanTelfer lead them to glory, or will the group botch and meet their demise? Join Brian Posehn, Ken Daly, Blaine Capatch, Sarah Guzzardo, Chris Tallman, and the occasional GUEST players on their quest for treasure and bloodshed. I’m a proud Patreon supporter.


Star Wars Minute

Join hosts Pete the Retailer and Alex Robinson on their tortuous journey dissecting Star Wars films minute by painstaking minute. Trivia, debates, and a minutia of minute details you may have missed. Each week they have a new hysterical guest host on to help out in the discussions and the some of the most seemingly insignificant details of the originals, prequels, and Disney era. May the force be with you, if the force exists that is!

Vintage RPG podcast

Listen to Hambone and Stu discuss vintage and modern role playing game like Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulu, Mouse Guard, and tons more. Each episode they discuss games the gang are currently playing, and some neat episodes discuss awesome stuff like an 80s Sears toy catalog and the minutia of Spelljammer.

Stone Age Gamer

NJ boys represent in this awesome weekly podcast of all things video games. Retro to modern, with both informative and funny content, there’s lists, game shows, live broadcasts, 10, 20, 30 releases, and so much more.


Your move, NERD!